Achieving silky-smooth skin is as close as making one call to Ippodaro Natural Salon. Our entire team has extensive experience in effective hair removal through the latest waxing methods. We go to great lengths to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure with your quest for baby-soft skin as our goal. Ippodaro Natural Salon offers different tier levels based on budget, and our apprentices go through 6-months of training before they are on the floor full-time.


We are here to work within YOUR BUDGET. Our goal is to make natural/organic options affordable, so our pricing is based on the specific stylists’ level. Booking with a Level 1 Stylist/Hair Healer will be the most budget-friendly option, and the prices increase based on the stylist’s levels. Click here to learn more

*** Note that our apprenticeship is both challenging and comprehensive! An Apprentice will only advance to a Level 1 Stylist/Hair Healer when they demonstrate their skill and passion!

Facial Waxing services

  • Lips
  • Brow
  • Face
  • Nose