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Ippodaro Natural Salon is the San Antonio Salon that...

Prioritizes your health enhancing your natural beauty!

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A holistic way of healing the mind, body, soul, and hair awaits with every trip you take to Ippodaro Natural Salon. We are your number one sustainable and natural salon in San Antonio, TX, offering a wide range of natural salon services that will bring out your natural beauty, leaving you feeling fabulous and looking vibrant. Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle, silky-smooth skin, or an amazing set of nails, we have something here for you.

Our staff is committed to providing you with a wonderful experience where you can always feel special. With each visit, prepare to relax at our ammonia-free, full-service salon, where we know how to listen to your requests.


Ippodaro Natural Salon is unique in that, when a new stylist joins the team, they undergo an apprenticeship – a 6-month holistic training (in addition to the training they receive at school) equipping the stylist with the necessary knowledge needed to become a “hair healer”.


A hairstylist is a licensed stylist specializing in hair cuts, color, highlights, balayage, perms, styling, and more. A hair healer is a licensed hairstylist who can identify a client’s potential hair and/or scalp issue any issues related to an hair and scalp help, and provide various options to combat the issues while working towards a clients’ desired outcome.

Level & Pricing Breakdown

Level 1 - A Stylist/Hair Healer who has finished the apprenticeship and working towards Level 2. During this time, they focus on building a customer base of happy, returning clients, continue their holistic training, and earns various hairstylist certifications in order to uplevel their core styling skills.

Level 2 - A stylist who completes 3-5 years at Ippodaro Natural Salon, has a good client base of happy, returning customers, continues to learn about holistic treatment options, and completes bonus classes/certificate programs to master specific stylist specialties.

Level 3 – A stylist who completes 5+ years at Ippodaro Natural Salon, fosters and continues to grow their client base of happy, returning customers, continues to learn about holistic treatment options AND steps into the teacher/educator role, and completes or teaches certification programs to master specific stylist specialties.

Our goal is to make natural/organic options affordable, so our pricing is based on the specific stylists’ level. Booking with a Level 1 Stylist/Hair Healer will be the most budget-friendly option, and the prices increase based on the stylist’s levels. 

*** Note that our apprenticeship is both challenging and comprehensive! An Apprentice will only advance to a Level 1 Stylist/Hair Healer when they demonstrate their skill and passion!