Smoothing treatments

At Ippodaro Natural Salon, we’re pleased to offer various smoothing treatments aimed at treating unruly, frizzy, unmanageable hair. Our signature smoothing treatment is the Oway straightening which offers a naturally straight hair appearance. This process involves no fumes or formaldehyde. It’s a totally natural way to achieve great-looking hair.


We are here to work within YOUR BUDGET. Our goal is to make natural/organic options affordable, so our pricing is based on the specific stylists’ level. Booking with a Level 1 Stylist/Hair Healer will be the most budget-friendly option, and the prices increase based on the stylist’s levels. Click here to learn more

*** Note that our apprenticeship is both challenging and comprehensive! An Apprentice will only advance to a Level 1 Stylist/Hair Healer when they demonstrate their skill and passion!

our smoothing treatments

  • SAFE Keratin Treatments
  • Oway Hstraighten
  • Thermal Straightening
  • Thermal Straightening Retouch