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Terri Founder, Master Hair Healer, Holistic Hair Educator Experience 13 years .

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The heart and soul of Ippodaro and our very own beautiful princess is Terri Rehkopf, who opened this natural salon to spread the word about safe beauty products. She wanted people to know they don’t have to choose between their health and confidence. From a young age, Terri had a passion for hair and style. Growing up in her family salon, she was exposed early on to the value of finding innovative techniques and exploring new ideas for customers’ satisfaction.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, she became certified in cosmetology. She continues to be involved with continuing education and works closely with the Redken Exchange in New York City and Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy, honing her skill and creating beautiful hairstyles. Terri is also a certified organic color system user and strictly uses cruelty-free and vegan colors. Through her work behind the chair, Terri is eager to make her customers happy. By becoming a certified organic color user, she takes care of her customers’ bodies by eliminating exposure to harmful chemicals. She has a passion for beautiful, flattering colors and cuts and believes that the foundation of beauty lies in having a hairstyle you love.


Salon Manager and CSO

Jessica Howard was introduced to Ippodaro Salon via her mother (our former massage therapist) back when she was 16 years old. Like many mothers, Jessica was encouraged to get a job to earn some of her own spending money, and Ippodaro Salon was in need of a cleaning assistant. From day one, Jessica noticed that she loved the atmosphere that Terri had fostered, and Terri took notice of Jessica right away, recognizing that even as a teenager, she was driven, smart, sociable, and funny.


Throughout her many years at the salon, Jessica started rising in the ranks and moved into an apprentice role. As an apprentice, Jessica recognized her passion for the organic beauty market, and how a salon that embraces natural and organic alternatives here in Texas could just blossom, however, she was not that keen on the idea of becoming a stylist herself. So, she mentioned her interest in the business side of a salon, and Terri (who loves to foster people’s growth) moved her into the role of front desk coordinator.

From there, Jessica started taking business classes and Terri would take her on large business-growth retreats. Today, with her customer-service instincts and drive, Jessica is the Customer Service Officer/Manager here at Ippodaro Salon, and we cannot wait to see where she takes it! 

Fun fact: here at the salon, we always joke that we are all family, but for Jessica Howard, she really is! Reilyn married Jessica’s brother years back!


Level 2 Hair Healer | Experience 4 years

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Reilyn is here to help you reach your hair goals with all respect for the integrity of your hair! By using the highest quality of products and crown knowledge, Reilyn can create a peaceful space where your worries no longer exist. When you are with Terri, she will care and help you flourish into the human being you are, with a crown worthy of such beauty!


Level 1 Stylist | Graduated Ippodaro Apprentice Program | Experience 1 Year

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Lulu Cabello, our apprentice hair healer, is a mother, animal lover, and believer in being yourself through and through. She is a personable, caring, and nurturing person and aims to make people happy. Lulu believes that we can all have the best life here on earth if we just add love. She brings out people's true selves. She has a total of 40 pets and has an obsession with pink, which is incurable. Lulu is a pink orb walking around and working at making a difference in this world and the next. Ippodaro has brought her purpose to light in helping bring natural and healthy beauty to those around us, making your health her priority. She brings peace and excitement to those who walk through our doors as well as makes a safe place for those who don't have one or haven't found one. She aims to help those who haven't found their happy place with their beauty to let them know it's their wants and opinions that matter. She wishes for her clients to live for you and no one else and be free to finally be who you know you were meant to be! Lulu is passionate about scalp health, hair health, making the most of your visit to our home, and getting you to be the best version of yourself.


Nail Technician

Tina has been in the beauty industry for over twenty years. Her passion is making peoples nails and toes look pretty. We call Tina the foot doctor because she does amazing work.


Information designer

Much like Ippodaro’s Mission, “To Empower and Inspire Humanity by Improving the Quality of Life.” This is what I truly believe in and have tried to embody in my own life, especially in the last six years. I feel that kindred spirit is what brought me to Ippodaro, where I currently am contracted as an Information Designer. I have an extensive background in research, information security, and information design and development working for the United States Government for over twenty years, to include being an Air Force Cyber Security Officer. In the last seven years, I have transitioned to working with Nonprofits, volunteering wherever my skills met a need. Life is short and we are all in this together. We each need to do what we can to improve our life, the world we live in, and the lives of others around us.


Marketing & Events Director

Courtney Cobb graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree in Film, Theatre, and Television Production. She then went on to co-produce a feature-length documentary, Crafting A Nation (which landed on Netflix and Hulu). After touring the film around the country, Courtney realized that her true passion was marketing (since she had to market the film) and jumped ship to work in the craft beer industry, taking her from Colorado to Texas. After working her way up the ladder, Courtney left the craft beer industry as the Marketing Director of Independence Brewing Company, landing herself a marketing position with J.Forks Designs. Eventually, Courtney was picked up by Grow Disrupt, where she met Terri (and often credits Terri for saving her hair).

After over two years with Grow Disrupt, Courtney resigned (on great terms) to pursue other options (and ultimately different challenges). As of April 2023, she officially joined the team at Ippodaro Natural Salon.

While not working at the salon, Courtney is either working giant music festivals and events (including the Super Bowl, Bonnaroo, SXSW, and more), or you can find her performing standup comedy or improv throughout San Antonio.