Benefits of Working at Ippodaro Natural Salon

These are all the bells and whistles you can receive when joining our team!

  • 401(k)
  • Life insurance
  • Short term disability insurance
  • Referral program
  • Employee discount on products and services
  • Professional development assistance


Feeling burnout or stressing to manage everything on your own from the booth rental. Allow us to handle your headache, so you can focus and enjoy working with peace of mind.

What we can help YOU with:

  • Avoiding the stress and complexity that comes with running your own business, you can focus solely on your craft
  • Booking/appointments/scheduling
  • You have the dedicated support and knowledge of a salon behind you as you grow your clientele base
  • Walk-In/Check-Out Services
  • Apprentice Services
    • Shampooing 
    • Styling hair
  • Supplies, inventory, and general upkeep are available
  • Personal webpage/marketing programs
  • Collaboration with team
  • Sharing professional experiences for knowledge
  • Earn a more steady, reliable base salary
  • No risk of a hefty rental fee
  • The ability to make more money for being more productive
  • Having a full salon to fall back on for training and supporting
  • You have the opportunity to learn all aspects of running a salon, which ban be helpful if you plan to open your own in the future
  • You retain the ability to brand and market your entire salon
  • You have complete control over what happens in your business, including branding, aesthetic, salon culture, and overall vision
  • No state sales tax license/collect sales tax on your services and retail sales
  • No worry from doing accounting and clientele records such as income and expenses
  • Little to no startup costs


    Here at Ippodaro Salon (the San Antonio salon that prioritizes hair health), we are huge advocates for scalp health. Why? Well, in order to achieve any desired hair results, it’s important to get to the root of the problem (pun intended). 

    Below, you will find a lot of information. We strongly recommend booking a consultation with one of our hair healers to properly identify your scalp needs. If you live out of state, schedule a virtual consultation, and we can do our best to help. (Sometimes, we need to take a close-up look at your scalp in order to properly identify your needs. We do this by using the Tricho-Derm — a tool that provides a magnified view of your hair follicles and scalp). 

    *** Please note that the information below is hefty. That said, we are here to help you!