Olaplex.. Friend Or Enemy?

Olaplex markets its celebrity-endorsed products as a remedy for dry or damaged hair, claiming its formulas safely "restore damaged and compromised hair" and protect against breakage. But does it really?

The Olaplex brand is under fire recently after being served with a lawsuit claiming 28 plaintiffs to have hair thinning or worsen scalp conditions after use of the Olaplex line of products. The lawsuit says Olaplex uses harmful chemicals that left the women's hair and scalps experiencing extreme itchiness, rashes, balding, hair thinning and ultimately depressed after having such a drastic change in appearance after using Olaplex. The lawsuit also claims that Olaplex products contain Lilial and panthenol chemical compounds that can lead to hair loss and conditions including "inflamed, blistered, flaking or scaling skin!” Lilial was once used as a perfume in cosmetics, until the European Union banned it in March 2022 due to its impact on fertility! Isn't it incredible how recent that was? And how many of those toxic products could still be on the shelfs in stores in consumer circulation today?


This is an image of Olapex products used in the Ippodaro Natural Salon Blog (THE San Antonio Salon that prioritizes your health) titled, "Olaplex.. Friend Or Enemy?"

The lawsuit is still going through the court systems and has yet to reach a verdict, but why wait for someone else to come to a decision about products that affect your health? The lawsuit adds that the Olaplex products also contain non-water-soluble substances that can cause consumers to develop “clogged, inflamed, impacted and infected hair follicles.” Meaning Olaplex falsely marketed certain Olaplex-branded hair products as being safe to use, despite them containing harsh harmful chemicals. Those are facts. Despite the known dangers of the chemicals the Olaplex products presented, the company failed to take the products off the market or recall them. Instead Olaplex continues to sell and allows retailers and distributors to continue to sell the runoff inventory the company knows contains a dangerous ingredient!

This is an image of an actual Olaplex customer showing how it wreaked havoc on her hair. This image is courtesy of Insider, and is used in the Ippodaro Natural salon blog titled, "Olaplex.. Friend Or Enemy?"

On the Olaplex website you can find that the company sells and advertises “The Complete Hair Repair System” costing over $250.00 for all hair types and is a one-size fits all kit with a total of 8 products and step by step instructions on how to use each product and how it helps the hair strands, but no where are they mentioning anything about caring for the scalp where your hair health begins! Most of these products are redundant in purpose and will eventually clog your scalp potentially causing hair issues as described in the lawsuit. If the toxic chemicals in these products aren't bad enough, the way Olaplex advertises to use these products is against basic hair care rules. In one description on the Olaplex website of the “Bond Maintenance Conditioner” the company instructs to use the conditioner by “applying a generous amount from scalp to tip.” When one of the biggest no-no's in hair care is to apply conditioner to your scalp because it can cause build up on the scalp which can prevent the hair to grow and cause hair thinning or scalp irritation the list goes on! At Ippodaro we always recommend applying conditioner from only the mid-shaft of the hair to the ends of the hair (never directly on the scalp) or you might even be able to skip using conditioner in one wash to prevent the hair from becoming too soft and fragile due to over conditioning!

This image showcases one of the actual plaintiffs claiming that Olaplex has caused hair loss. This image is used in the Ippodaro Natural Salon blog post titled, "Olaplex.. Friend Or Enemy?"

For the 8 products that Olaplex states will completely repair damaged hair, Ippodaro Natural Salon can cut that down to just 3-4 personalized natural hair care products that will truly improve the health of your scalp first. Because when your scalp is healthy, the beauty of your hair will always naturally shine through! When you come in for a free consultation at Ippodaro we will exam your scalp with a trico-derm profiler (micro-level detailed scalp evaluation) to see what exactly is happening on the surface of your scalp and causing any problems you may be having which could be over saturation of products leading to product build up, products containing harmful ingredients, or your diet can even affect your scalp and hair. You might not even be experiencing hair loss or scalp irritation, maybe you just want some extra volume in your hair or blonde hair color protection. We have the natural solutions to any hair need!

This is an image of Terri here at Ippodaro Natural Salon using the Oway Trichoderm. This image is used in the Ippodaro Natural Salon blog post titled, "Olaplex.. Friend Or Enemy?"Your Hair Healer only at Ippodaro during your consultation can recommend the highest quality ingredient products personalized just for you tailored to heal your scalp and hair! You don't have to stop just at products we offer many nourishing scalp and hair treatments such as:
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