Best Shampoos For The Wintertime!

Dry, itchy, irritated scalps are common in the winter months but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with one.Our bodies are in constant equilibrium with the outside environment. High humidity means better moisture retention and in the winter, the outside humidity falls. We tend to spend more time exposed to dry heaters and long hot showers, and high winds can damage the skin barrier. All of these factors lead to drier skin in the winter! Below, we will dive into the information surrounding these specially formulated shampoos for the wintertime which can help!

The Scalp - Shampoos For The Wintertime

 This image showcases Ippodaro Natural Salon's Best Shampoos for Wintertime that is published in January of 2023Your skin goes through a lot in the winter. Constant fluctuations in Texas temperature and the dry air produced by central heating means that breakouts and irritation have become a thing to expect when the cold weather rolls around, sometimes many of us use a whole specific winter skincare routine to combat it. With cold winter temperatures comes dry skin, prompting us to stock up on body creams, butters and moisturizers. But what about the skin on your head? Our scalps also need extra TLC during the wintertime! While you might think that your scalp  is more connected to your hair than your skin, it behaves in the same way as the skin on the rest of your body, meaning that those winter weather issues our skin goes through, our scalp often does too!

Fortunately, at Ippodaro Natural Salon we have amazing natural shampoo products that can help treat the hair, a dry scalp, and more chronic scalp conditions!

Daily Washers/Shampooers

If you are person who works out all the time and you tend to wash your hair all the time: We recommend using the Oway Frequent Use shampoo and Frequent Use conditioner but instead of shampooing everyday use Oway Frequent Use conditioner every other day so that your scalp can keep the oils in place! 

If you are someone who has to shampoo everyday, skip one day of shampooing but wet the hair and then apply conditioner mid shaft to ends.

Products for Wintertime Hair Routine

We can recommend the best products for your wintertime hair care routine. Starting with the shampoos with the most effective results that we have seen personally at Ippodaro. 

  • The incredible Oway brand has the most natural and ethically sourced ingredients! With biodynamic, organic and fair-trade plant-based ingredients in all of the Oway products, you can carefully select the best option for you! We have only ever heard great reviews from our guests about all the products by Oway.

  • The Smoothing Hair Bath will give that awesome smoothing effect for dry, hard to manage, untameable hair. It will gently clean hard to manage hair and polish the cuticle that will increase shine and it will control volume for perfectly smooth hair! For dry winter ravaged scalps we would recommend the Smoothing Hair Bath. This one is great for flyaway hairs, and has a built in heat protectant as we are most likely to use heat to keep ourselves warm, also has wonderful non heavy or greasy moisturizing agents in them.

  • Next would be the Silk N Glow Hair Bath, an Anti-frizz shining shampoo for frizzy, dry and porous hair. This shampoo is ideal to tame hard to manage hair in a gentle and silky way with an instant silky action as it seals the cuticles. When using this shampoo you will see an immediate visible effect! Silk N Glow Hair Bath is great for extra moisture to dry hair, also great with frizz .

  • Lastly but certainly not least, don't forget about Oway Curly Hair Bath! We all know curly hair needs moisture, this one by far is our favorite for curly hair by providing just enough balance in moisture for curly hair! Oway Curly hair bath is for naturally curly and permed hair. It will cleanse curly hair while providing an intense anti-frizz action. Providing definition of the curl while maintaining an optimal state of hydration. This shampoo gives flexibility and helps define the curly hair movement and smoothes the hair surface, with anti-frizz action!

  • On our more budget friendly options for a shampoo for winter ruined hair, we would recommend the Verb Ghost Shampoo a lightweight shampoo that protects color and leaves hair tangle-free. Powered by moringa oil, this formula was designed to smooth frizz and promote radiant shine, a weightless but hydrating option for fine hair or daily washers! 

  • For dry scalp: We recommend the amla oil and black castor oil, this is also helpful for growing hair naturally.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully the reccomended shampoos for the wintertime  (and more) is helpful! If you have any questions, please give us a call at (210) 524-9744.

At Ippodaro we love to be your one stop shop for all safe and natural hair and scalp products! We like to accommodate everyone no matter your budget, allergies to products or hair type!